We have dim knowledge of those who

lived before us, evidence, hints. We

can make conclusions, can marvel.

This bothers me, I don’t want to be

forgotten. I have done some things worth

remembering, some astounding things, in fact.

I don’t deserve to be forgotten, and yet it

has happened before. Whole civilizations

are swallowed up by time and leave

little clue. This frightens me. I must

write my name large in the annals of

history. I must be my own ambassador.

I must paint my face on buildings,

I must shout as loud as I can,

make my statue as tall as a tree,

and yet, these make great targets. My

enemies would destroy them. I must

write my name on the smallest pebbles –

they will overlook this – whisper it

into the corners. I will cover all the

bases, put it everywhere, make it

beautiful, indelible. I do not want

to be forgotten.

by Cher Bibler