I made a promise to you but

afterwards we laughed about it,

embarrassed, and decided it was just

a game, that we weren’t serious,

but as the years roll past, I

wonder. We weren’t laughing

when we made it, only

afterward. I can’t forget it,

not totally, it looms in

the background and I’ve never

broken it, not yet, though you

assure me I needn’t

worry, that it’s ok, and I’m

free as far as you’re concerned.

But I look back on that

day and it gives me

strength, it can’t have

been wrong if I feel so

good about it. You’re the one who’s

afraid – I don’t care about that,

I understand.

You have to understand me, though,

that I want this, that it’s

the only honorable thing

I ever swore to in my life.

by Cher Bibler