They have stated it clearly,

published books on it.

We are surrounded by it,

trapped by it,

drowned under it,

confused by it.

Books do not agree, after all.

We know there are rules –

masses of them – but

we have trouble finding a

definitive version. Everything

is contradicted somewhere,

questioned. Challenged.

We are supposed to make up our

own minds, come to our

own conclusions, but only if

we stay within a narrow set of

confines. We are allowed to lean a

little left, a little right, we can

even stand boringly upright –

our minds are allowed that much

choice, that much elasticity.

We are brought into this world on

a short leash, links are taken

from the chain at each turn

until it fits snugly around our necks.

We are supposed to find this reassuring.

by Cher Bibler