I have my self respect back, she and

I sit and watch tv at night, alone.

She gets defensive sometimes and says

Remember what life was without me?

I have to stop and think. I remember there was

something I wasn’t happy about then, but

I’m not sure anymore what that was.

She isn’t really very good company, just

sits smugly and says There now, isn’t

this better? when it’s not. It’s so

obviously not. She pales in

comparison when I remember you,

but she doesn’t see it that way and tries

to point out all your faults. Now that

you’re gone, I don’t remember any faults at all,

just the way we used to laugh together.

She never laughs.

She’s no fun at all and I can’t

remember why in the world I missed

her when I didn’t have her.

by Cher Bibler