I have the feeling you trust me as much

as you trust anyone and trust doesn’t

come easily to you. Yet you

turn on me so often – I have to

prove myself over and over to you.

I’m sure not many people would go

through this. I’m not sure why

I do. One day I saw your

vulnerable side and I loved it, is there

something wrong with me? I wanted

to protect you and tell you it was

ok and keep you safe. I am

patient with you. I keep telling

you that I love you. I can always

win you around again, I can

do it with my eyes shut now!

It works until a few days have

passed and your doubts grow again.

And yet, this is what I loved

about you, this is what drew me in.

I wanted to make you whole again.

I loved you because you needed me so much.

by Cher Bibler