I am pressed up close to you trying

to absorb your dreams, your

soul, your heart, your memories.

I want to know everything.

I have an insatiable hunger.

I will eat your words like bits of dark

chocolate, let the flavor leak slowly

through my mouth, hold still so

I can keep it intact as long as

possible, let it seep through my

pores and become part of me. I am

breathing in the same air you

breathe, I have fallen into your dream

and I am poking around it looking behind

bushes and under doormats.

I have an insatiable hunger.

I have been searching all my life for

someone who is not afraid of this.

Behind the curtain is the man who works

the levers that control the person

that we see. He is the one I want to love.

He is the only one worth knowing.

by Cher Bibler