Your ghost was here with me this

morning. He was a great comfort.

I wonder, do you even know about

him? Do you feel some small piece

of you missing? He was formed

from our love, do you have

less of that? Or does love

replenish itself as needed?

It’s been a long while now,

certainly you are accustomed to

his absence by now, but were

you ever aware of his breaking

away? This happened at a

tumultuous time, in my life at least,

I assume you also had a few

rough days, perhaps you were

broken enough not to feel when

he spun away. He got me

through the worst of it and has

been a good friend since.

I suppose I could say thank you

to you for giving me him

after you decided I couldn’t have you.

My consolation prize, I guess.

by Cher Bibler