I am in a circle of light. I am

looking at the center, it burns my

eyes but I’ve decided I have

to know what it is. What good are

eyes that are afraid to see?

I’m staring towards the center trying

to focus on shapes. Colors dance

in front of my pupils like

kaleidoscope bits. I’m trying to decide

which shapes are real and which are

dreams. When I pull my eyes away to rest

them, all I see is darkness. Have I

lost them already? I am afraid for a

minute, I balk. But what good am I

if I run away from the fire, with only

burned fingers to show for it? I

have to justify the burning,

I have to make them worth losing.

I have spent my lifetime finding this

circle of light; now I’m here; should I

give up just because this is something

that no one else has ever tried to do?

by Cher Bibler