I have just about used up my time

with you I can see you are getting

impatient I am not what you fantasize

when you’re not with me you need a

proper balance of time with me and

time without me to keep our relationship


I don’t care I have nothing better to

do with myself time is so sweet and slow

and unchanging right now I feel sleepy

most of the time and have to fight it

but I know when it’s over I’ll look back and

think they were the best months of my life

the months I loved you the months we

crept in and out of dreams not sure

where one stopped and the next began and of

what was real in between

other people don’t understand they think I’m

mentally unbalanced maybe I am but you

are the first person I’ve ever known who could

see into my private world we are just

walking carefully hoping not to break the

eggshell walls that separate us from them

they will break someday I know that but

we are trying to keep them whole as long

as we can

by Cher Bibler