We’re all afraid of growing up!

We know what we don’t want but

not what we do. We have vast

lists of what we don’t want,

long strings of reminders – our

parents stalking over us like

grim reapers! We have movie star

visions of what life should

be, but we live in the town of

Podunk where there is no visible

good life good life good life

We want to be cultured but

not at the cost of reading

Homer, though we would watch a

movie loosely based on his life if

it were on tv and starred

Chris Hemsworth! We want

to be rich but not at the

cost of a necktie noose and

a nine to five cell! We know

there are better ways we’re

not sure exactly what they are but

we won’t give up like our parents

did until we find the

good life good life good life

by Cher Bibler