This is just another day.

My heart beats in the same way.

I wash my hair,

I think about you,

I sit on my bed and write.

Dawn is sluggish, the cat cries

outside my door and the dog

watches my every move because she

knows sooner or later I’ll remember

her. This is just another day.

The emptiness hits in a different way.

I wonder about you,

where you are, what you’re thinking,

if you remember me.

This is just another day.

The children stir, I will get up

and walk the dog and eat breakfast and

go to work. The paper boy will throw the

paper in a mudpuddle, or the car

will stall at a stop sign. The kids will

call from school to tell me they forgot books or

we’ll be out of bread so I won’t have

anything to fix for lunch. This is

just another day and somewhere

you are waking up and wondering

what to wear, hurrying because

you’re late or complaining because you’re

out of toothpaste.

This is just another day. Traffic

sweeps down the street in front of

my house, going somewhere.

The hinges on the bathroom door

squeak as the door opens.

The wood floor is cold under

my feet. This is just another day.

by Cher Bibler